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  Questions and Answers

These websites have been reviewed and are highly recommended by the Tri-State Budgerigar Society for their website set ups, informative articles, pictures, extensive coverage of numerous subjects and frequent updates. Rather than directing your questions to us that do not pertain directly to our club or local area, we invite you to visit any of these sites to find answers to any questions you may have relating to owning a pet, breeding and exhibiting. The websites are not in any particular order. They have been broken down by content to help guide you in obtaining information you are seeking but they are all worth a look.

Websites Geared Towards
Exhibition type (English) Budgerigars

All around good choices for the
exhibition type breeder and exhibitor

United Kingdom based. This is a great site for articles and pictures on many standard and rare varieties, genetics, breeding, help for beginners, diseases, links, etc. You do have to click around a little as it is not apparent just how many articles there really are. Forum / discussion group too.

Spangle Budgerigar Breeders Association
United Kingdom based. This is a wonderful site for any of you that enjoy Spangles. There are dozens of pictures, genetics, articles, descriptions, mating expectations.

Budgerigar World Magazine
United Kingdom based. Lots of great articles, pictures, links, breeders listing, club listing, "Q and A," and magazine subscription ordering. Forum / discussion group too.

Cyril Rogers World of Budgerigars
The late Cyril Rogers was extremely knowledgeable when it came to budgerigars as well as other cage birds. Starting in the hobby in 1925, he lectured and wrote many books and articles over 70 years and helped to develop many of the mutations as they appeared. This website has been set up as a tribute to him and many of the articles from his writings are now being posted with more to come. There are at least 20 articles thus far on subjects like violets, rainbows, fallows, the laws of inheritance, olives, history of mutations and other topics and varieties.

Sanctioning national USA societies

Budgerigar Association of America

American Budgerigar Association

Both sanctioning societies publish bimonthly publications giving show dates and locations, area listing of clubs, links, pictures, articles, membership information and forms for ordering closed traceable breeder bands.

Websites Geared Towards
Pets and American type (small) Budgerigars

Basic Bird Care / FAQ / Taming / Nutrition / etc.

Parakeet Training and Care
Contains all kinds of information and very detailed. More than 900 articles and pictures and very nicely organized for easy searching. Covers safety, taming, buying, vocalizations, toys, foods, health and too much more to mention.

This page link to Avian Web provides some basic information about budgies including their description, speaking ability, and how to determine gender. The page also has links to many other topics relating to budgies such as nutrition, books, products, etc. Navigation of the site will also provide additional links to information on other pet bird species, cages, breeders, event dates, training, attracting wild birds to your yard, and so much more than can be listed here.

The Budgie and Parakeet Place
This is a great site and is run by Mindy Amaral. One of the best for exhibition bird or pet bird owners when it comes to pictures and descriptions of varieties and colors and is a great help in identifying the color or variety of your bird. It is also a great site for care, breeding, taming, toxic plants, FAQ, breeding, vocalizations and much more. Forum / discussion group too.

The Ultimate Parakeet Resource by Barbara Ling
An online book by Barbara Ling that covers almost everything relating to basic budgie ownership. The book is unique in that, although there is relatively little written for each of the chapters, there are resource links provided to multiple other sites and even Ebay, that cover the chapter topic. There are even chapters are about making toys, recipes for homemade foods and treats, training and finding a lost pet.

Illness / Diseases

Small Parrots in Health and Disease
Excellent discussions of common bird diseases, including diagnosis and treatment, with a focus on Budgerigars and Cockatiels. The presentations are straightforward, highly informative and easy to read.

Sittiche Online
The site is mostly in German or Hungarian but this page is available in English and covers several ailments and treatments well. It has details on quarantine and exporting and importing requirements under psittacosis. There is nutrition information, life expectancies of some bird species and some questions and answers. At the bottom of the page there is a selection of budgie photos.

Genetics / Breeding / Mating Expectations / History of Mutations

Budgerigar Colour Genetics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This site provides a history timeline of mutations as they appeared and contains detailed information on genetics with the ability to hop to dozens of other links from highlighted words within the articles. Interesting genetics information, but for the most part, you have to be a molecular microbiologist or some other highly educated being to follow the articles. May be too difficult for most people to understand but go there for the mutation timeline.

Color and Variety Standards

WBO Colour Standards
This one has detailed descriptions of all varieties and colors as far as the World Budgerigar Organization requires and is also used by the US national societies. Unfortunately, there are no pictures. Set up well and by clicking on the specific bird in the index, you are taken directly to the description and standard requirements for that color or variety.